The Lake District

“The loveliest spot that man hath found.”

William Wordsworth

Lake District Landscape Photography Gallery

Beautiful sunset at Buttermere in the Lake District_

Pastel coloured skies, vibrant golden light on the land; here you will find photographs that are colourful by nature!

Dramatic views of Great Gable on a Winter evening in the Lake District_

It's not always tranquil here in The Lake District, rarely is it ever but her rugged character can produce moments of beauty in the worst of storms. 


Those rare moments of serenity and peace. Where you can hear the birds singing, see the light glowing and feel not even a breath of wind.


Welcome to my Lake District landscape photography gallery! Here, you will find over 6 years of my favourite portfolio photographs taken within the stunning Lake District National Park; of which I’m grateful to call home! I have covered the vast majority of all the main lakes, such as Windermere, Derwentwater, Buttermere, Ullswater and Wastwater. I have also covered areas around the valleys and up in the fells, featuring some of Lakelands most photogenic tarns such as Blea Tarn, Kelly Hall Tarn, Tewet Tarn and much more! 

Over the years I’ve spent in this amazing county, I’ve fallen in love with the shear variety of different landscapes on hand to explore and the ever changing weather patterns that the Lakes experiences. As much as the rugged shapes of the fells and the wide open spaces can take anyones breath away, it is the light that I’m most fascinated by! There’s nothing quite like the experience of being stood on a mountain summit, of which you’ve climbed in the pitch black darkness which precedes dawn, then to witness the rising sun casting perfect golden light onto the landscape as it reflects off the other worldly coloured clouds in the sky! 

All of the photographs featured in my portfolio are available to purchase as high quality giclee prints through the link to my shop found below.