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Wall Holm Island from mosedale bay 

Wall Holm Island on a misty Summer morning at Ullswater in the Lake District National Park.

Hazy Wall Holm.

A hazy Summer morning looking out to Wall Holm Island with the fells just coming into sight.

Wall Holm Island is one of a few small islands that lie on the Southern end of Ullswater, near Glenridding. It's not so much one of those 'iconic' Lakeland photography locations, but I among a few other local landscape photographers have a bit of a soft spot for this place. There's just something so characterful and eye catchy about this small outcrop of land. Maybe it's the way the shape of the island with its trees, getting bigger from right to left mirror the shape of the fells in the background, creating a perfect sense of symmetry and balance.


 There's a lot more to landscape photography than just shooting a location. The feelings and emotions we experience, from our reactions to the environments we find ourselves in, play a huge part in the enjoyment of our beloved hobby. However, they also play a big part in the final result of our photography; as often the influence for the way we compose and visualise our work, often comes from the reactions we are having with the landscape. There's a real sense of calm and isolation you feel when stood at this location! From the perfect visual elements described above, to the sounds of birds singing and the abundance of fresh air filtering into your lungs!

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that to some, maybe this location isn't as 'eye catchy' as some of the other well known Lakeland landscapes, but this location can certainly offer you more than just a fantastic photograph! I challenge anyone to visit this location and tell me that it did nothing for their general well-being!

Mosedale Bay has the added bonus of being a very easy location to get to. It's literally a matter of parking your car, in the very spacious lay by and then crossing the road, going through a gap in the wall and you're there! In the Summer months, there may be the odd camper parked up or the odd tent pitched on the bay. On the rare occasions I have come across this, I've always found that they're fast asleep until a good hour or two, after sunrise.

So in terms of what there is to shoot, there are a couple of different compositions to play around with. The island is quite far away from the bay, so you're going to need a telephoto lens with a minimum of 100 - 150mm of focal length (full frame). It really helps with this kind of image if you have a bit of mist/fog, as this will isolate the island from the background, detailing its characteristics in a more visually appealing way.

There is also a tree stump that can work quite well as foreground interest. This can be shot without the island being the main point of attention. That being said, on a calm morning, Wall Holm island reflecting in a mirror like lake will really compliment your background.

This location really is shootable all year round. Usually, late Summer/early Autumn will be your best bet, if you're looking for calm misty conditions. It's also worth staying around for a few hours after sunrise, especially if the fog and mist sticks around! The sun tends to come over the fells a good hour and a half after sunrise, which can give fantastic lighting conditions!

Misty view of Wall Holm Island with flying bird, Ullswater, Lake District, UK.

Fly By.

A bird caught in flight as it flew over Ullswater on a calm Summer morning.

Wall Holm Island on a misty morning at Ullswater in the Lake District.

Moody Wall Holm.

Ripples in Ullswater with Wall Holm Island covered in mist. .

Stump at Mosedale Bay looking towards Glenridding in the Lake District.

Stump Sunrise.

The tree stump at Mosedale Bay at sunrise.

Getting Here

Mosedale Bay has a decent sized lay-by across the road which will fit around 8-10 cars. The lay-by is located just off the A592, North of Glenridding. For people coming from Central Lakes, Kendal, Ulverston or M6 North Bound, taking the Kirkstone Pass from the roundabout at Troutbeck will be the quickest option (weather permitted). People coming from Keswick, Cockermouth or M6 South Bound should take the A5091 from the A66 through Matterdale, which will bring you out near Aira Force. Take a right turn here at the junction and follow the A592 until you reach the lay-by on your right, after a 10-15 minute drive.

Nearest post code for lay by: CA11 0PH

How to get to Wall Holm Island, Ullswater.

Map of Glenridding showing Mosedale Bay location

Mosedale Bay/Wall Holm Island Parking

Street View of Lay-by.

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