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Ready to hang panoramic canvas prints of Englands' highest mountain; Scafell Pike. Standing tall and proud next to Great Gable with some glorious evening light casting on the landscape!

**Please note: Selecting 'wrap' for edge finish will result in significent crop to image. Please contact me for more details.**

Scafell To Gable - Lake District, UK.

  • The Image

    I took this image on what was supposed to be a recce visit up Dale Head from Honister Pass. I didn’t have much hope for the evening as the forecast wasn’t looking too great but as I reached the summit, I noticed that there was potential for a gap on the horizon out to the Western coast. I’d setup shot looking towards Skiddaw and Blencathra, which is pretty much the go-to shot from Dale Head. Around half way into the golden hour, I noticed over my shoulder that the light was starting to break through Grasmoor and into the Buttermere valley and a very quick decision was made to scrap my original plan and turn into a bit of a frantic lunatic! I ran towards another mini summit, in the hopes that the view would work. Thankfully, I was blessed with some cracking views of Honister Pass, Fleetwith Pike and the Buttermere Valley. After grabbing a few shots, I turned my attention over my left shoulder and noticed some amazing light hitting Scafell and Great Gable and was lucky enough to grab this panoramic just before it faded away!


    Canvas details
    All canvases are hand crafted using high quality European Pine. The image will be printed onto heavyweight canvas, the surface is then laminated for ultimate protection; No cracking, water resistant, cleanable, scratch proof and UV protection of up to 200 years! Only genuine HP Vivera Inks are used at 1440 dpi, producing superb image quality. All canvases come with specialised pre-fitted canvas hangers.


    Canvas Types

    20mm - a great for value option consisting of a 20mm European pine fixed frame that is precision cut, mitred and then underpinned providing a strong robust frame. Although this is a cheaper option, there is no compromise on quality; sometimes the smaller size will suit a situation where simplicity is of the essence!


    38mm - a more luxurious option suited for those who want the canvas to stand out more and dominate the room! Consisting of a 38mm deep European pine stretcher frame for a high quality contemporary finish, real wood wedged corners for a perfectly tensioned canvas and galvanised staples; taped for a neat appearance and protection of walls.


    Canvas Edge Finish
    There are three options for your edge finish; wrapped, mirrored or mirrored Blur.


    Wrapped - The image will be 'wrapped' around all edges of the frame; a more aesthetically pleasing finish but will result in a small part of the image being lost.


    Mirrored - The image will be 'mirrored' at the left, right, top and bottom edges, maintaining the full image on the front of the canvas.


    Mirrored Blur - Probably the most popular option, the same as mirrored but with a slight blur applied.



    Postage and Packaging 


    All orders will be shipped via courier (2-3 days). Canvases will be bubble wrapped appropriately and arrive in a bespoke white or brown box. Free postage & packaging for all canvas orders!

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