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Ashness Jetty

Please Note: During the Summer of 2019, the original jetty underwent maintenance work which saw a new wooden jetty put in place with the beggining of the jetty being made out of concrete and only the last few metres made out of wood. All images seen below are of the old jetty.

Stunning sunset over Ashness Jetty and Derwentwater in the Lake District National Park, UK.

Fiery Sunset at Ashness Jetty.

One from my early days of photography and certainly a lucky one. Still to this day I haven't really witnessed the same conditions here.

Long exposure shots can work here under the right conditions. However, for the most part or at least in terms of my taste in landscape photography; you really want a calm evening with no wind. This will give you those perfect glassy reflections. As Derwentwater is quite a large body of water; it's prone to the dreaded ripple. So the less wind the better. One tip for this location if you're looking for reflections, is to check the direction of the winds in the forecast. Winds coming from an Easterly, NE or SE direction will work more in your favour, as the fells behind you will block out some of the wind! 

Located just off the B5289, a 5 minute stroll from a small and FREE car park will bring you to one of the Lake Districts most iconic locations; Ashness Jetty!


The ease of accessibility and the stunning view on offer from here have a lot to play in this locations success. Some will see this as an advantage, whilst others will not. In my opinion, it depends when you go! A summer sunset shoot here will more than likely be shared with the Lake Districts beloved tourist, who loves a good swim/dive off the jetty (must try this myself one day). At the end of the day, they have every right to be there, just as much as us photographers. During the Winter months, you'll find that solitude a little easier to find as the National Park becomes a little quieter.


Ashness Jetty is primarily a sunset location. However, sunrise can also work here, especially in the Spring/Autumn months when pockets of mist can be seen floating around the lake! If you're looking for that fiery red sky sunset, then the months of April - September will be your best bet. June/July would be the sweet spot, with the sun setting at a North Westerly position (behind the mountains in the left image). Do remember what I said in the previous paragraph about this spot being busy. I was lucky with the shot on the left, as the people having a swim/dive packed up and left moments before the good stuff happened; leaving nothing but a few footprints. At the time I didn't think anything of it but now, I think it adds a sense of 'real' to the shot that people who shoot here frequently will understand!

Perfect reflections at Ashness Jetty in the Lake District.

Drama in the Sky at Ashness Jetty.

Calm reflections in Derwentwater with the clouds catching a brief bite of colour, just before sunset.

Misty dawn at Ashness Jetty with perfect still reflections. Derwentwater, Lake District, UK.

Morning Mist at Ashness Jetty.

A very peaceful morning a year or so back at Ashness Jetty.

Beautiful sunset reflections at Derwentwater in the Lake District.

Sunset Reflections at Ashness Jetty.

A belter of an evening in the Summer of 2018, giving me a shot I had been chasing for years!

Getting Here

Getting to Ashness Jetty is a relatively easy drive. From the A6, you want to head for Keswick Town Centre and then head for the Theatre By The Lake P&D car park. Instead of turning right, towards the car park, go straight on at the roundabout. You'll then very shortly, come to another roundabout where you can only take a right turn, onto the B5289. You will then want to drive on this road for just under 10 minutes, before coming to a left turn which will take you over a cattlegrid. Shortly after this, you will find the car park on your left. 

Nearest post code for car park: CA12 5UR

Ashness Jetty Parking.

Ashness Jetty Free Parking.

After turning off B5289, car park is left after cattlegrid.

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